Members of the Mooresville Schools Transportation Department pride themselves in the safe and efficient transportation for about 3,600 students to and from school each day. Our 50 buses travel approximately 372,000 miles per year, including daily transportation as well as hundreds of extracurricular trips transporting students, athletes, teachers and coaches.



Elementary School Areas

Mooresville Schools includes the areas of Brown, Madison, and Harrison Townships as well as the Town of Mooresville in northeastern Morgan County. Students may attend a Mooresville school outside of their transportation area only with the permission of the school principal (dependent upon class sizes) and if the family agrees to provide their own transportation. For more specific map information, contact the Transportation Department with the exact address.

Neil Armstrong -areas in Brown and Madison Townships including Rooker Run, Rooker Trace, Spring Hill Apartments, 1/3 of Mooresville Mobile Home Park, Brookmore, and Grandview.

Newby - west side of the Town of Mooresville and western and southern Brown Township, including 1/3 of Mooresville Mobile Home Park as well as Towne View Apartments. East side of town including Western Road, Slideoff Road between County Line and Landersdale, and Collette Drive. 

Northwood - east side of Town of Mooresville, northern and eastern Brown Township, and northwestern Madison Township, including Pioneer Country Estates, Marleywood, Roberson Woods, 1/3 of Mooresville Mobile Home Park, Roberson Village, and Karrington Estates.

North Madison- northern and central Madison Township including the Morgan County side of Heartland Crossing (EXCEPT The Enclave), Collette Acres, Hadley's Corner, Leona Lake, Fox Hill, Wiser subdivision, and Wildwood Shores.

Waverly - all of Harrison Township and southeastern Madison Township, including Vista Ridge, Laurel Ridge, Woodland, and the Town of Waverly. Students living in The Enclave of Heartland Crossing (at the corner of Paddock and County Line Road) also attend Waverly Elementary. 


Transportation Rules

Each fall, all students receive a Transportation Handbook which explains rules and safety procedures for riding the bus. Please review to the handbook with your child each year. The handbook also includes information about the decisions which go into Weather Related Closures and Delays. 


Kindergarten Bus Orientation

At the beginning of each school year, we host a bus orientation for our kindergarten students or other first-time bus riders who would like to attend. The bus drivers give an orientation about bus safety and then the student may take his/her first bus ride with a parent. Please note that preschool siblings are not allowed to ride the bus at this event. Learn more about our orientation here. 


Working Tirelessly for School Bus Safety 

The school bus is the safest vehicle on the road—your child is much safer taking a bus to and from school than traveling by car. Less than one percent of all traffic fatalities nationwide involve school-age children each year on school transportation vehicles. Mooresville Schools believe school buses should be as safe as possible. That’s why our safety standards for school buses are set extremely high. In addition to our buses being inspected by our drivers every morning before routes, all buses are inspected annually by the Indiana State Police, in accordance with Indiana State law. Buses more than 12 model years old are inspected twice a year.

We're proud to say that mechanics Joe Craig and Dave McDaniel work tirelessly to keep our bus fleet in excellent condition. See the Indiana State Police Bus Inspection Report

Transportation Department Contact Information

For information about school transportation, please contact your child's school or our Service Center.

Mooresville Schools Service Center

13118 N. Western Rd.

Camby, IN 46113


Transportation Director: Joe Craig