Your child's academic success is important to all of us at Waverly Elementary School. We are proud that more than 90% of our students passed the math and English/Language Arts portions of the ISTEP+ test in spring 2010 and spring 2011.


Please use the following links to learn about our school programs and academic tools.


Destiny is our library program used to locate books within the district.

Accelerated Reader is a program which helps children to have individual reading successes.


Standardized Testing

Mooresville students participate in different state and national testing programs in order to assess student achievement.

mclass is an assessment administered to students in K-2 that accesses their literacy and math skills using a one-to-one device.

Acuity is a standardized assessment administered to students in grades 3-6 that accessess their knowledge of current grade level standards. Read about getting a parent login for your child's Acuity testing as well as how to interpret your child's Acuity Test.

ISTEP+  is an assessment for students in grades 3-6 that determines their mastery of grade level standards and determines the schools Public Law 221 rating.

IREAD is an assessment for students in grade 3 that determines their mastery of literacy skills.


Textbook Links

Several of our textbooks have online components including extra games and content to supplement what your child is learning.

Reading Math Science
Social Studies Language Arts Health


Additional Information

The  Indiana Department of Education website includes links to various information about the state's educational system.


The Common Core National Standards will be implemented through Indiana by 2014, replacing the Indiana Department of Educations grade-level standards. Mooresville has already transitioned to the Common Core for younger grades.


Mooresville's Exceptional Learning page includes information for families whose students may have different learning styles or needs, such as high ability education, special education, English language learners, Title 1, Family Services, and much more.


School Improvement Plan

District Academic Information

Book Rental Information