Staff Directory


To reach any member of our staff, please contact them through the following. Remember staff may not be able to communicate during the school day, but they do check messages daily.




Waverly Elementary Staff 2017 - 2018


Email Address


Warren Dubois


5100 Principal
Jori Zollman 5102 Preschool Teacher
Stacey Veronda 5103 Preschool Teacher
Andrea Tiley 5104 Preschool Teacher
Rachelle Newton 5116 Kindergarten Teacher
Kaiti Rolfsen 5114 Kindergarten Teacher 
Beth Durrett 5143 1st Grade Teacher 

Tiffany Lucas 5144 1st Grade Teacher
Debra Newman 5141 2nd Grade Teacher
Monica Price 5142 2nd Grade Teacher
Maizie Andrews 5145 3rd Grade Teacher
Heather Cracraft 5146 3rd Grade Teacher
Laura Caudill 5118 4th Grade Teacher
Susan Sanders 5117 4th Grade Teacher
Scott Freeman 5120 5th Grade Teacher
Mikayla Savage 5119 5th Grade Teacher

Sonya Cox 5121 6th Grade Teacher
Alana Vayhinger 5122 6th Grade Teacher
Anne Toliver-Pratt 5140 Art Teacher

Scott Evans 5147 PE Teacher 
Melissa Mohler 5107 Music Teacher
Jill Risinger 5109 Resource Teacher

Ashley Green 5105 Lifeskills Teacher  
Ashley Todd 5101 Lifeskills Teacher
Cybil Burnside 5106 Physical Therapist
Mikinzie O'Neal 5110 Speech Therapist 
Donna Hale 5111 Speech Therapist - Preschool
  5106 Physical Therapist  
Holly Rodgers 5106 Occupational Therapist
  5104 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Therapist  
Support Staff
Katie Tutterrow 5100 Secretary

Bonnie Swinney 5131 Bookkeeper

Angela Woodall 5125 Nurse

Janet Smith 5108/5112 Media Specialist

Kay Davis 2631 Family Services


Dana Andrew




Lifeskills Aide

Abbie Butterfield 5105 Lifeskills Aide

Allison Cox 5105 Lifeskills Aide 

Lisa Jackson 5101 Lifeskills Aide  
Olivia Bailey 5102 Preschool Aide
Brenda Culver 5102 Preschool Aide 

Dianne Olleman 5103 Preschool Aide
Gretty Bosaw 5103 Preschool Aide


Darlene McCreary  5104 Preschool Aide

Mary Green 5104 Preschool Aide

Mallory Belton 5116 Kindergarten Aide

Jennifer Brummett-Kershaw 5114 Kindergarten Aide

Chris DuBois 5134 Tier III 

Tami Wilson 5109

Resource Aide


Cyndi McCammack




Cafeteria Manager

Wanda Cherry-Jones 5148 Cafeteria
Sheila Denney 5148 Cafeteria
Darla Fox 5148 Cafeteria 


Tony White



Head Custodian

Carl Vandeventer   Custodian

Bus Drivers
 Bus Bandana Color
Julie Weile   5  Blue  
Terry Tollison 23  Red  
Shannon Hall 27  Purple  
Samantha England 38  Green