Principal - Windy McGowen

The faculty, staff and administration would like to welcome each student and his or her parent / guardian to Paul Hadley Middle School.PHMS strives to be a state-   premier school within a state-premier school corporation. We truly feel that Paul Hadley Middle School is the best choice for your student and that we offer one of the best educational programs in the area. With the combined efforts of community, parents, staff and students, we can achieve our goals of providing an excellent education and preparing our students for an ever-changing and evolving global society. We are extremely proud of our community and school corporation, and we hope that you are as well. Let’s work together to make this a wonderful year and to develop our most precious commodity, our children.






 Assistant Principal - Micah Elliott

The staff at PHMS is dedicated to preparing all students for successful global citizenry in the 21st century. To accomplishthis task, we keep a laser-focus on Indiana State Standards and the transition to the Common Core State Standards. Our staff works diligently to integrate technology into their daily lessons, and provide students with opportunities to utilize this technology effectively and creatively. PHMS strives to make learning rigorous and “real-world” relevant to our students by integrating a diverse curriculum with a particular emphasis on literacy and problem solving skills. We are proud of our staff and student’s dedication to the PHMS mission, vision, and to life-long learning.






Dean of Students/Athletic Director - Steve Hilligoss

It is our desire that PHMS students explore their athletic interests and strengthen their abilities in interscholastic athletics. The goal of the PHMS athletic program is to provide as many participants as possible with the experience of belonging to a competitive sports team and, through participation, develop their athletic skill, leadership ability, and the development of high moral character.








7th Grade Academic Advisor   8th Grade Academic Advisor

 Julie Reeves                               Daniel Moriarity


The Guidance Department is a great place for resources for your student’s academic, career and social counseling needs.  Whether to help find tutoring resources, contacting teachers or exploring careers, the guidance department staff is there to help you and your student. 

As the academic advisor here at Paul Hadley Middle School, I look forward to working with students and their parents/guardians and teachers toward the goal of preparation for high school and beyond.  Middle school is the perfect time for students to learn not only content material but also organizational skills, a good work ethic, a spirit of cooperation, and healthy interpersonal skills. Together we can all achieve success!  Please contact me any time if you have questions or concerns about your student’s school experience.