Clubs and Activities


Spell Bowl/Consists of students in 4th-6th grade.  The students practice tricky words and compete in an academic competition.

Mrs. Bolton 

Math Bowl/


Art Club/art club is for 4th-6th grade students interested in learning and creating more art.  Students need a permission slip to stay after school for Art Club.  We have made projects like pinatas', outdoor photography, clay bowls, and paintings.

Anne Toliver-Pratt

Choir/Melissa Mohler


Field Day/

Guys Read Club/Guys Read consists of 4th-6th grade boys that meet on Mondays from 3:30-4:30.  They encourage an interest in reading, play sports, and do guy stuff!!

Mr. Venable

Girls Read Club/Kimberly Meyer

Student Council/Students from grades 5 and 6 work on community projects and like to do charitable work to better the community.

Mrs. Bolton and Miss Witt