Staff Directory

We encourage you to contact our school  with questions you may have. Please be aware that staff members may not be able to talk on the phone with you during the school day but do check frequently for voicemail and email messages. Our phone # is (317) 831-9210.

Name Position email Ext.
Paul Spencer Principal email 4220
Nichole Moore Asst. Principal email 4227
Marlene Gentry Secretary email 4100
Liz Fernandez Bookkeeper email 4223
Jessica Mills Nurse email 4213
  Kindergarten Staff    
Kellie Bungard Teacher email 4241
Abigail Apodaca Teacher email 4242
Stephanie Burns Teacher email 4243
  1st Grade Staff    
Megan Taylor Teacher email 4201
Erica Knierim Teacher email 4202
Cortnie Query Teacher email 4203
  2nd Grade Staff    
Gillian Spring Teacher email 4204
Kelly Kubischta Teacher email 4205
Nikole Elliott Teacher email 4209
  3rd Grade Staff    
Molly Wood Teacher email 4206
Mandy Sichting Teacher email 4208
Whitney Fulk Teacher email 4211
Lisa Randall Teacher email 4212
  4th Grade Staff    
Lori Hagee Teacher email 4101
Wendy Haas Teacher email 4102
Suzy Pritchard Teacher email 4103
  5th Grade Staff email  
Ben Silver Teacher email 4105
Heather Gormon Teacher email 4106
Beth Perry Teacher email 4107
  6th Grade Staff    
Laurie Allison Teacher email 4108
Mandy Chitwood Teacher email 4110
Samantha Ricks Teacher email 4104
  Art, Music, P.E. Staff    
Anne Dowland Art email 4232
Ann Billiard Music email 4230
Amanda Porter P.E. email 4245
Susan Lowry Teacher email 4210
Jared Hilligoss Teacher email 4108
Caitlynn Moiser Assistant email  
Melinda Mendenhall Assistant email  
Ryan Burress Teacher email 4244
 Alice Cook Assistant email  
Annette Roberts Assistant email  
  Title1, Speech    
Caryn Morris Title 1 Teacher email 4207
Debbie Shirar Assistant email  
Julia Meek Assistant email  
Jennifer Bulmer Speech Teacher email 4225
Donna Bolton Library Assistant email 4224
Angela Zickmund Technology Assistant email 4218
  Custodial Staff    
Kevin Mullins Head Custodian email 4252
  Cafeteria Staff    
  Head Cook   4231
  Head Cashier   4251