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Teacher of the Quarter Winners: 

COREY ERVIN – This teacher is very thoughtful, does an excellent job in student-conferences, and always willing to help.  He goes the extra mile to help MHS students succeed.  He also does an excellent job with our Swim & Dive Teams.  He is well-deserving of Teacher of the Quarter.

ANDREA WOODSON –  This teacher deserves Teacher of the Month because of her preparedness, the way she challenges her students, and her positive attitude that is contagious.  She is a joy to collaborate with and she brings out the best in both her students and her co-workers.

JASON ZOLLMAN – This teacher is an amazing teacher.  He is not just teaching the things he has to, he also makes sure that every single student in his class is prepared for college. Additionally his way to teach is unique. I have never met a teacher as funny but also as effective as him. He is able to prepare the students for life on a sarcastic and open way. And in my opinion he is perfect for this nomination!

JASON DAMRON  - This teacher brings it every day.  He is the kindest and most helpful teacher I've ever had! He is always willing to help whenever I need it, he is great at giving advice, and very caring for his students.  He does a great job leading the way with the Choir Program!

CHRISTOPHER STEWART -  This teacher makes MHS a better place.  His laid back personality makes his class enjoyable to be in. This teacher is very kind and approachable making me feel comfortable in the class.  I appreciate his ability to relate to his students.

JENNIFER VAUGHN – This teacher is very deserving of Teacher of the Quarter because she helps us whenever we need it and is always there whenever you need her to be.  We appreciate having a teacher who we can always go to, talk things out, and share with different life struggles.  We appreciate her very much.

Check Out the Latest Edition of the 18-19 MHS Newsletter

Click here to read the latest edition of the 2018-19 MHS Newsletter.  Articles include:

  • Rachel's Challenge and FOR Club
  • Quarter 1 ends next week. Information about tutoring, exams, and grade columns
  • MHS graduate returns to teach English
  • New French Program at MHS
  • Pictures from Homecoming festivities and Constitution Day.
Teacher and Support Staff of the Quarter Winners: 

BARB GODDARD – This teacher is dedicated to EVERY students overall experience in the VLC.  She deserves this honor because she works tirelessly to help teachers in the VLC, wrangle Ben Davis students, and help to ensure ALL students are tested while supporting the teachers proctoring tests. She is one part of the puzzle that ensures everything runs as smoothly as it does at MHS.

CRAIG RAY – This teacher deserves this honor because he has helped out so much with every single sport here at MHS. He works consistently during school hours and after to build the best student athletes we can possibly have at MHS. Seeing the overall increase in numbers demonstrates that students are buying into his program, but it also speaks to what they think of him as an educator, trainer, and coach.  He is very deserving of Teacher of the Quarter.

ANDREA WOODSON – This teacher is an amazing teacher.  She is always willing to stop everything and help. I've came to her for help after school, and she's very nice and understanding about being absent. Also, she is super organized which is always nice!  She is very deserving of Teacher of the Quarter.

MATT BOSWORTH  - This teacher deserves teacher of the quarter because he is very active in the school and spends countless of hours making sure events are run smoothly.  He does a good job in organizing activities to help keep the climate of our building positive. 

MARY BETH BROWN  -  This staff member deserves SUPPORT STAFF of the Quarter because she helps many students to succeed in Credit Recovery and has great patience with her students. She is a very kind and caring coworker to all!  Her positive attitude is contagious. 

Teacher and Support Staff of the Quarter Winners:

KIM ZOOK – This teacher is dedicated to EVERY students overall experience in the Science classroom.  She deserves this honor because of all of the extra time she puts in after school working with her students to help them better understand their chemistry work. She often has multiple students staying after for help. She is willing to work late on a regular basis which helps bring out the best in her students.

LISA GOBEL – This teacher deserves this honor because she puts her students first and makes a great effort to give the best opportunities to all of her students. She makes class fun and makes the students want to engage. She mixes her class up so that we are not continually doing the same things. She is very personable and it is my favorite class because of her. She most definitely deserves this award!!

MICHAEL DILISIO – This teacher is an amazing teacher.  He is always outgoing, fun, nice, and always gives help when you need it. He's very good at explaining things and is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He really loves his job and you can tell he does by his appearance and performance in the classroom every day. He is determined to help every student pass History.

DAN MIKESELL  - This teacher has been an excellent addition to the MHS family.  I have enjoyed his enthusiasm for teaching and for kids.  He puts forth his best effort each day and it is contagious amongst his students and other faculty members around him.  He has also done a great job leading the wrestling program.

LAURA WARTHEN  -  This staff member deserves SUPPORT STAFF of the Quarter because she does a great job addressing the IT needs of staff members around the building. She does so in a timely manner, and is always a joy to interact with. She's fantastic!


Teacher and Support Staff of the Quarter Winners:

KELLY  BLACKWELL – This teacher is dedicated to EVERY student’s overall experience and always puts enthusiasm into her Math lessons. She deserves to be Teacher of the Quarter because she is the best math teacher who always makes learning Math enjoyable and makes my day brighter.

TOBY  HENNESSY – This teacher deserves to be Teacher of the Quarter because he has helped me feel more confident in my desired future career. Math was my worst subject but, every day I become better at math with his class. He tries hard to make all students succeed even those not willing to put forth their best effort.  He makes learning Math fun.

ZACK  WELDON – This teacher is Teacher of the Quarter because of his unique personality and teaching style that makes learning History very enjoyable. He makes every lesson interesting and fun. Also, he always makes sure when you walk through his door that you’re smiling or laughing about something.

CALEB  TAYLOR  - This teacher deserves Teacher of the Quarter because he is always happy and cheerful. There has never been a day when I don't smile while in his class. He makes learning fun and I'm very honored to have him as my teacher.

MISSY WYMER  -  This staff member deserves SUPPORT STAFF of the QUARTER for being a person who listens to what students are saying and shows much care for every student.  She takes care of us when we don’t feel well and is a great nurse.



ADA  CLARK – This teacher is dedicated to EVERY students overall experience and is well equipped to deal with the diversity of student abilities levels. She strives to incorporate a variety of teaching and learning styles. Her enthusiasm for teaching and sharing her experience, strength, and hope stands out to students and staff. These attributes along with her positive approach to things make her a great candidate for Teacher of the Month!

SKYLEE SHAFFER – This teacher has jumped in with both feet. She did an amazing job organizing the "Eclipse Event" and prepared her students, so that they represented our school quite well to media. She attacks each lesson with that same fervor and the students in turn are highly engaged!  We vote her Teacher of the Month!

CHRIS  STEVENSON – This teacher should be Teacher of the Month because not only does he teach language, he teaches life lessons. His methodology of always thinking outside the box and looking deeper into things has made myself and my peers more thoughtful people.  He not only inspires us to study and to do well on tests, he inspires us to be better than what we are, to be more kind to others, and not judge them.

JASON  WILBURN  - This teacher deserves Teacher of the Month because he is hard working, he makes class fun, and he teaches in a way that you have fun but you also learn a lot. He is also very understanding, treats all of his students fairly and with respect, and he pushes us to the best of our abilities.

BECKY  BISCHOFF  -  This staff member deserves SUPPORT STAFF of the MONTH for holding it all together during the "great eclipse exodus".  She does a great job in student services and does an excellent job working with staff and students every day. 


Financial Aid Night

Dear Seniors and Parents,

Next Wednesday, MHS counselors encourage you to attend a very important meeting that you do not want to miss! The 45-minute meeting will help you to get free money to pay for college, as well as provide you and your parent an opportunity to work on completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (the FAFSA), which is required for all college-bound students. We strongly encourage seniors and their parents to attend together. Other parents are welcome to attend also.  You will learn:


  1. How to pay for college with obtained grants, loans, work study, federal and state institutional aid, and scholarships
  2. What to expect after filing the FAFSA and review a sample award letter and steps to take once the student receives monetary award letters
  3. INvestEd and MHS school counselors will guide you through the process of creating your Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID)


Additionally, if you would like assistance filling out the FAFSA, we will have a computer lab open after the meeting plus the InvestEd presenters will be available to help.  If you are going to take advantage of this opportunity, please bring:


  • Your Social Security Number and your child’s SSN
  • Your driver’s license or state ID
  • Your and your child’s federal income tax returns, W-2s, and other records of money earned. (Note: You may be able to transfer your federal tax return information into your FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.)


Financial Aid Night

When: Wednesday, November 8

When: 6:00 p.m.

Where: MHS Auditorium

Read the Latest Edition of the MHS Pioneer News 

Click here to read the latest edition of the Pioneer News.  This issue contains:

* Indiana Principal Leadership Institute

* Important Immunization information for the Class of 2018

* Mid-State Conference Championships this spring

* Quarter 4 Exam Schedule 

* Prom Court

* Top 20 Graduates

* Scholarship Award Winners

May 12 MHS & PHMS Exercise

Local law enforcement members conducted an exercise at Mooresville High School and Paul Hadley Middle School this morning in which officers and a police canine searched the school building and parking lot area. Students remained in their classrooms throughout the activity. This exercise was a planned event.  We appreciate our ongoing partnership with local law enforcement to keep those in our school campuses safe.

April Teachers and Support Staff of the Month

BRANDON LEWIN – AKA Captain Math; This teacher deserves to be teacher of the month because he is always pushing and challenging us with those tough math problems. He cares about his students and works hard to help us succeed.

JENNY CHAIN – This teacher is deserving of teacher of the month because she always makes sure we know everything and always answers our questions. She does group work with the whole class and it really helps. She is very sefless in a very selfish society. We appreciate her.

JEFF FRANKLIN – I'm happy to have this teacher and nominate him for teacher of the month here at Mooresville High School because he makes learning enjoyable and makes his lessons interesting. I really like his form of teaching and especially the way he puts energy into them. He cares about his students and brings enthusiasm to the classroom daily.

BARB GODDARD – This teacher is deserving of teacher of the month honors because she is always helpful. She knows information to help me be more productive at MHS. And if she doesn't know the answer, she knows where to find it. She also shows concern for all staff members. Most importantly, the students feel the same way.

LAURA WARTHEN – This person has made the ISTEP process a breeze. Not only does she quickly help teachers and students, but she does it while being tremendously friendly and kind. We have truly appreciated her efforts over the last few months.


MHS Student Receives Best of Show at Tri Kappa Art Fair  

Paul Freer received the Best of Show award for all high school students who were entered into the Tri Kappa Art Show at the Mooresville Public Library. Other Best of Show winners from Mooresville include North Madison student, Kaylin Bunch, winner of the elementary Division and Allie Tudor, winner of the middle school division.




MHS Top 20 for the Class of 2017

Congratulations go to (in alphabetical order):

Evan Cox, Aaron Culver, Taylor DeFelice, Nicole DeSotel, Garrett Fehrman, Allison Freund, Hannah George, Nathaniel Holt, Makayla Hughes, Trinity Jackson, Daphne Jeffers, Karli Jordan, Daniel Kubischta, Renee Majeski, Chamnce McCoy, Savannah Morris, Tyra Partlow, Savannah Phipps, Katherine Price, Madison Roberts, and James Small.




Mid-State Conference Champions

Congratulations go to the MHS English Academic Team of (from left) Morgan Kerberg, Delaney Coronado, and Natalie Richardson. They recently won their Mid-State competition!



Seniors and Parents Commencement Slide Show Submission Information

With commencement in just a few months, it is now time for us to build the content for the commencement slide show. We would like to have as many seniors as possible featured in the show. Please click here for information on submitting photos.


FFA Members Honored

Several Mooresville FFA members placed well in the district Proficiency Awards this past week. The Proficiency Award application is a 15-page document students submit detailing their Supervised Agriculture Experience. Students who place first in our District advance to the State competition. The following Mooresville students were awarded:

Ryann Hartung, 1st Place – Vegetable Production

Abbi Mendenhall, 2nd Place – Goat Production

Austin Neitzel, 2nd Place – Diversified Agriculture Production

Tiffani Miller, 2nd Place – Equine Science

Samantha Trusty, 2nd Place – Sheep Production

Lexi Aichinger, 2nd Place – Beef Production

FFA members are now shifting their focus to prepare for FFA Leadership contests that will occur on March 4. Seventeen Mooresville students will be competing in 13 different contests this year.


2017 Rising Stars of Indiana

The Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP) is proud to present the 2017 Rising Stars of Indiana. Up to four students in the 11th grade from each Indiana high school are being recognized based on their academic achievement.

The Class of 2018 is surely promised success with these scholars. Please join IASP in congratulating these students on all they have already achieved, as well as offering support and encouragement as they continue their accomplishments and expand their knowledge, growth and leadership skills well into the future.

The four Rising Star students recognized from MHS are Kate Disney, Jacob Allen, Teehan Raymond, and Garrett Sanders.


Click here to view the 2017-18 Curriculum Guide and additional scheduling information!

March Teachers and Support Staff of the Month

STEPHANIE  BURNETT – This teacher is certainly so good it is "maddening!" She truly cares about each one of her students, always can put a smile on our faces, and is helpful whenever you need it!  We are thankful for her leadership and efforts as the Department Chair.


LISA GOBEL – This teacher is a crazy – mad teacher!  Let me explain, she is constantly working to make us better writers, analyzers, and just better students in general.  My writing has changed entirely for the better since she has become my teacher. Thanks to her, I feel a little less worried about all of those college essays.


TRACI BALL – This teacher is so good at teaching it drives me mad.  She is the most deserving of teacher of the month because she is always challenging us and pushing us to do our best while being there for us if we need help.


ALICIA RICHHART – This teacher is such a good teacher that it is maddening because she works to make sure that none of her students fall behind. She is my favorite.  She's always there to talk when you need it and she makes class fun. 


TERRY SAUCERMAN – This person has worked so hard this month that it is maddening. There was a 3 week period when we were really short-handed; she stepped up her game and managed to get everything done.


November Teachers and Support Staff of the Month

Nick Brobst – I am truly thankful for Mr. Brobst because he cares about his students and treats each one with respect.  I’m thankful that teaching has been one of his true passions in life.

Caleb Taylor – I am thankful for Mr. Taylor because he always brightens my day and is able to teach new things in a fun and creative way.  I appreciate his care and concern for every student.

Zach Weldon – I am thankful for Mr. Weldon because he is down to earth, has a sense of humor, is respectful to his students, & makes learning history fun.

Andy Marine – I am thankful for Professor Marine because he has been a big help to me as a writer, does a great job teaching the Ivy Tech course, is respectful, and always listens to understand, not reply.

Dan Moses – I am thankful for Dan Moses because he has put in a lot of time and has done a great job of getting our new laptops installed and keeping us connected to the internet.  We wish him well in his new position within the corporation.

Lori Smith -  This past month of purchase order deadlines has made it a particularly rough one, added to the normal craziness of ringing phones, plotting absent teachers’ coverage – including doing the coverage herself! – calming angry/upset/anxious parents, & calming angry/upset/anxious teachers.  Through it all, Lori continues to wear a smile and has a can-do attitude.  She takes care of all of us and directs all the business of the office: could we manage without her?  I wonder: does she know just how much we are amazed by her?  I think she should get an award every week.


October Teachers and Support Staff of the Month

Matt Bosworth – He is scary good.  Someone who cares & works as hard as he does to help his students get the best grade possible definitely deserves to be teacher of the month.

Joyce Gilly – She scares students with work.  She is a great choice because she states things so bluntly to make students scared to contradict her will.

Jason Zollman – If you make him mad, he gets scary, thus he is scary good.  He is scary good because he scares his students by encouraging them to do their best.

Kelly Blackwell – She will scare you into learning.  She takes every extra measure necessary to make sure you understand the material.  She deserves to be Teacher of the Month.

Becky Bischoff – She is the ultimate go-to-person for many of us.  She goes above and beyond to show kindness to our students in student services.  Becky is spooky good at doing her job.


MHS Winter Percussion Ensemble

The 2016 Mooresville Winter Percussion Ensemble qualified for the Indiana Percussion Association State Finals.










Mooresville Students Receive Youth as Resources Grant

Mrs. Spear’s Class was recognized at the school board meeting for receiving a Youth as Resources Grant. The students plan to create and distribute dental kits to those in need. Representing the class at the school board meeting were Alex Bustos, McKayla Boller, and teacher Mr. Ervin.  






MHS Top 20 Announced

Congratulations go to the seniors who earned spots in the 2016 MHS Top 20! They are Abbey Collester, Austin Long, Carissa Ooley, Elizabeth Young, Emma Kivett, Ethan Hall, Haley Wilson, Jamie Grass, Kristin Worth, Lily Pollard, Loran Carlton, Makenzie Bailey, Margaux Zook, Megan Phillips, Michael Laurendine, Morgan Wilson, Olivia Austermiller, Reagan Roberson, Sarah Head, and Savanna Hunter. 






MHS Chamber Orchestra Groups Awarded Gold Ratings

The two Chamber Ensembles performed music from a required list of Group 1 music. The required list is formed every five years by a committee of music educators. Group 1 is the highest level group in which students can participate, and the group must qualify for State at the District level. The Mooresville High School Chamber Ensembles performed at the District Solo & Ensemble Contest on February 6th at Avon High School, in which they received Gold Ratings.


MHS Student Receives Art Award

Congratulations to freshman, Julia Frone, for receiving honorable mention in the 11th Annual Hungington University High School Art Exhibit.









The 39th Annual Richard G. Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow's Leaders

The Richard G. Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow's Leaders at the University of Indianapolis, hosted by the Lugar Academy, brings together top high school juniors from around the state for a day of expert discussion on pressing public issues and world events. On December 5, 2015, almost 500 high school juniors from across Indiana attended the 39th annual Richard G. Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders at the University of Indianapolis. MHS students attending were Nick Phillips, Trinity Jackson, and Renee Majeski.




Mooresville High School Announces 97.2% Graduation Rate

Mooresville High School is proud to announce the Graduation Rate for the Class of 2015 was 97.2%!  This represents an increase from 90.9% in 2014 and 88.3% in 2013.  The Indiana Graduation Rate for 2015 was 88.9%.  Congratulations to the MHS Class of 2105!  This achievement was made possible by the hard work of the students, teachers, staff, and parents. For more information from Indiana Department of Education on Graduation Rates, click here.



MHS Announces National Merit Commended Scholar and 2015 Indiana Outstanding High School Student of Spanish Award Recipient

Congratulations to Haley Wilson on scoring in the top 5% of all juniors on last year's PSAT!  Check out the full press release. Haley is also a recipient of the 2015 Indiana Outstanding High School Student of Spanish Award. View the full press release.

Pictured with Haley are her parents, James and Barbara, MHS Principal Dr. Brian Disney, and Guidance Director Michelle Mitchel.


Skyward Student Information System

At Mooresville Schools, we are upgrading our student information system to provide more options and better information access to our families. The new Skyward system will replace the Harmony system for access to studentgrades, attendance, and other information. Learn more about Skyward 


Important Traffic Reminders

To help keep students safe traveling to and from school and to keep traffic flowing smoothly, please check our Arrival/Dismissal Traffic Maps. 

Champions Together Night Jan. 30

Champions Together is a partnership between IHSAA and Special Olympic Indiana that celebrates inclusion. On Jan. 30th at the MHS boys’ basketball game, elementary, middle and high school students of all needs will participate in a basketball game during halftime as players or cheerleaders.Be sure to join us for this great event, which also serves as a fundraiser for Special Olympics Indiana. Mooresville has led the state in Champions Together initiative for the past two years and we're excited to see what we can do in 2016! If you would like to make a donation contact Madison Vauters at madisonvauters@gmail.com


Winter Homecoming Jan. 22

Winter Homecoming is Friday, January 22 as the Pioneers take on Plainfield.  Girls Varsity plays at 6:00 pm and Boys Varsity plays at 7:30 pm. Homecoming Coronation will be at halftime of the boys game.  Doors open at 5:00 pm

Congratulations to Our Homecoming Court:

King and Queen Nominees Claire McElhaney, Erika McKibben,  Lauren McBryar, Grant West, Luke Clair-Ficko, and Cameron Harris

Class Princes & Princesses:  Junior Maddie Bombei, Freshman Faith Faber,Sophomore Kyndall Selch,  Junior Matt Overton, Freshman Paul Freer, Sophomore Ben Neal


FFA Quarterly Newsletter

For more information about the MHS FFA program and their activities, click here.  Meet the officers, learn about our Ag classes, see our calendar of activities, and learn how to be a sponsor are included in this edition.


Celebrating MHS History

A project 56 years in the making became reality during the winter break. At the beginning of the 2013-14 MHS building project, a time capsule containing historic yearbooks and other documents was found behind the building’s 1959 capstone. With the update to the exterior of MHS, capstones from several of the seven MHS building additions were displaced. This week, the previous capstones were placed on a wall in the MHS entryway. Behind the capstones is a new MHS time capsule created by students and staff members of Mooresville High School. The new time capsule contains yearbooks and documents about the school as well as an iPhone and other items to show what’s common to people living in this era. 


Rachel's Challenge

Learn more about this inspiring program at MHS on Wednesday, Oct. 21.



MHS Celebrates College Go Week!

Mooresville High School is celebrating College Go Week during the week of September 21-25.  There are daily announcements about colleges and post-secondary education options.  Students are participating in daily Indiana College trivia.  On Wednesday, the MHS is celebrating with a college shirt day.


Read some of our biggest headlines below or follow MHS on the many links on the right.


Homecoming Pep Session Photos


Check out photos from teh Homecoming Pep Session (and that teacher flash mob!) on the MHS Athletics website.






Turf Field Dedication & Mooresville Heroes Night

 Check out our photo album of the grand opening of the MHS turf field. It was a beautiful night as we officially opened the field and honored active military, veterans, police, fire and EMS.




Journalism Students, Staff Honored at National Conference

Congratulations to MHS Journalism students & sponsors for a successful National Student Journalism Convention experience in Denver. Yearbook students Sarah Ray and Jordan Childers earned "Excellent" ratings for their writing competitions and broadcast advisor Andrew Marine earned the national Certified Journalism Educator title.

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Newsletters and Press Releases


FFA Fundraiser

The Mooresville FFA is selling fruit and snack sticks to raise funds to take part in activities throughout the year. The orders must be placed by November 30th and will be available for pickup on December 11th.

I've invited you to fill out the form Mooresville FFA Fundraiser. To fill it out, visit:


FFA T-Shirts

Please join in to support the Mooresville FFA Chapter by purchasing and wearing your blue and gold t-shirt!

I've invited you to fill out the form Mooresville FFA T-Shirts. To fill it out, visit:



Underclass Awards Highlight Great Achievements

Hundreds were honored at the First Annual Underclass Awards ceremony. The event honored 118 freshmen (nearly a third of the class), 75 sophomores (about a fifth of the class), and 62 juniors (about a fifth of the class) for having a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 at the end of the fall semester. Congratulations, students!



Good Citizen Award Winner

Senior Maryssa Small was one of several Morgan County high students selected for the local chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizens award. State Senator Rod Bray presented the awards,which were based on dependability, community service, leadership and patriotism. Small’s essay was selected as the Morgan County finalist representative in the state competition.





MHS Choirs at the Grand Ole Opry

Mooresville choir students had a chance to experience one of the nation's most celebrated stages on their March trip.




Business Professionals of America State Qualifiers

Mooresville High School Business Professionals of Americaparticipated in district competition at Danville Community High School on January 17. Out of 31 students who competed, 28students qualified for the state competition in Indianapolis from March 15-17. Students could participate in individual businessor group contests for the chance to receive an award and move on to state. Miss Ball and Mrs. Kroll (BPA advisors) stated that each and every student worked extremely hard and the advisors are very proud of the students’ accomplishments.




Champions Together Raises $6,000+

Congratulations to MHS students and staff for a successful Champions Together night. More than $6,000 was raised for Special Olympics Indiana. See our photo gallery.


Homecoming 2014

Homecoming was an awesome time this year with beautiful weather, great participation, and of course a win for the Pioneers! Check out our 2014 Homecoming Photo Album.


Congratulations Pioneer Regiment!

The band and guard placed in the state's Sweet 16 for the 4th consecutive year with a 12th place finish at the Indiana State Fair Band Day. Check out the Indianapolis Star article and photos featuring

Mooresville students. Congratulations to the Regiment!


Kicking Off Football Season

The Pioneer Football team kicked of their season with their annual practice at midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, the IHSAA first official day of practice. Watch video of Channel 13 stopping by to see the team in action! The Pioneers' season begins with the Blue & Gold scrimmage on Saturday, Aug. 9.


Mooresville Seniors Receive County's Highest Scholarship

Two Mooresville seniors have received the county's highest scholarships. Jessica McDaniel and Ryan Crafts were named this year's Lilly Endowment Community Scholars by the Community Foundation of Morgan County. Seniors Jaclyn Harris and Logan Mills were also among the county finalists for the honor. Learn more


Congratulations National Merit Commended Scholars!

Ryan Crafts and Kelsey Hawkins have been named Commended Students in the 2014 National Merit Scholarship Program. Commended Students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who took the 2012 PSAT. Learn More.


Clark Honored by National Journalism Educator Association

MHS Teacher Ada Clark was honored as a Certified Journalism Educator, a certification which has been awarded to a select group of educators across the United States. Learn more


MHS Named "A" School by Indiana Board of Education

The Indiana State Board of Education and Indiana Department of Education released grades for the 2012-13 school year on December 20.  For the 2nd consecutive year, Mooresville High School was recognized as an "A" high school based upon student test scores in Algebra I and English 10, graduation rate, and percentage of graduates meeting College and Career Readiness Achievement standards.  This designation is a tribute to the students, staff, parents, and community who make MHS an "A" school. In addition, the entire Mooresville school district was rated as an "A" district.   Learn more


Donation will Benefit MHS Career and Technology Programs

Mt. Olive Manufacturing, owned by MHS Alumnus Steve Langley and his wife Lisa, has created a new fund to benefit the Career and Technology programs at Mooresville High School at the Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC). Mt. Olive will donate $20,000 to be administered to benefit the high school’s growing technical education programs. In addition, the Langleys have established a second new fund to provide $2,500 scholarship awards in 2014 for one male and one female recipient at MHS. Learn more


Important Information for Families - MRSA Notification

A member of the MHS football team has been disagnosed with a MRSA infection. Learn More about this infection and how families can help prevent the spread of MRSA.


Errett Honored as US Wrestling Official of the Year

MHS Athletic Director Zach Errett has been recognized by the United States Wrestling Officials Association as their wrestling official of the year, the recipient of the Mort Geller Award. Learn more.


MHS Junior Selected for IHSAA Student Advisory Committee

Junior Gracie Nelson has been selected to the 18-member IHSAA Student Advisory Committee. As a part of the Committee, Gracie is committed to communicate with her school, community, and athletic conference about issues, concerns and ideas on behalf of the 160,000 student athletes in Indiana.  Congratulations, Gracie!  Learn more.


MHS Tennis Coach Named District Tennis Coach of the Year

Congratulations to Mike Teders on being selected as the District #3 Tennis Coach of the Year for the ICGSA.  He was one of five coaches selected from across the state for this award.  He was also named as a North/South All-Star Coach for 2014.  This is a great accomplishment and is very reflective of the type of program that he has built at Mooresville.   Congratulations, Coach Teders!  Learn more.


Junior Wrestler, Randy Scott becomes 2 time All-American

Randy Scott was a double All-American at the Cadet Nationals this past week. Randy will be a junior at MHS and finished 2nd in the Greco Roman at 195lbs and finished 8th in the freestyle. He is the first double All-American in Mooresville History. He also was the first MHS Wrestler to be in the finals at this tournament. This is the premier tournament in the country for his age division with many top wrestlers from around the country.  Great job, Randy!  Learn more.


Errett To Lead Pioneer Athletics

Zach Errett has been chosen as the MHS Athletic Director. Learn more.


More Technology in Students' Hands for 2013-14

All students at MHS will have access to a Chromebook computer for the 2013-14 school year as part of a district-wide increase in one-to-one computing. Learn more.
For 2012-13 Headlines, click here.