The MHS Science Department offers courses that focus on the physical and life sciences as well as incorporate lab experiences. 


Courses range from introductory level science course and lead to college level work.



Textbook Links
Oggy Brewer email Biology   Biology Textbook
Melissa Burger email Chemistry and Biology    
Mark Burry email Chemistry and AP Biology    
Kayla Dow email Human Body Systems and Biology    
John Hoffman email ICP, Physics, and AP Physics   PLTW Biomedical Sciences
Alicia Lewis email Biology, Biomedical Sciences    
Curtis Mitchel email Biology    
Zachery Rayce email Biology, Biomedical Sciences    
Victoria Tamburrino email Earth and Space Science    
*Kim Zook email Chemistry and AP Chemistry    

*Department Chair




Science courses at MHS include introductory courses in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Space Science, and Physics.  Students may elect to take more advanced courses such as AP Biology, AP Chemistry and AP Physics. 


Additional, science course offerings are Integrated Chemistry and Physics(ICP), Biology 2, Principles of Biomedical Engineering, and Anatomy and Physiology.