The MHS Mathematics Department offers courses in several different core areas of mathematics.  Courses begin at the introductory level and progress to college level class work.



Kelly Blackwell       email     Tel:  831-9203

Toby Hennessy     email     Tel:  831-9203

Alex Hess             email     Tel:  831-9203

*Melissa Holden    email     Tel: 831-9203   

Brandon Lewin       email     Tel:  831-9203

Kymberlee Lyell     email     Tel:  831-9203

Aaron Milauskas    email     Tel:  831-9203

Karen Tongret       email      Tel:  831-9203

Jennifer Vaughan   email     Tel:  831-9203

*Department Chair



MHS offers courses in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Finite, and Pre-Calculus. Honors courses are offered in Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus.  ACP Finite (Indiana University), Concepts in Mathematics (Ivy Tech), and Calculus (Ivy Tech) for college credit may be taken for those students who met the criteria for participation.


Learn about reducing math anxiety, the ALEKS benchmarks for each grading period, when to get math tutoring, the math department grading scale, and much more on our Math Department Information Sheet.