Business & FACS


Business and Family & Consumer Science courses provide students with real-world business applications, preparation for adult responsibilities and 21st Century technological experiences. 



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Career and Technical Education courses at MHS include Business courses, Adult Roles and Responsibilities, Interpersonal Relationships, Child Development and Culinary Foundations.


Students may gain additional work experience in high school through participating in ICE or Professional Career Internships.   Students wishing to take advanced computer related courses can enroll in online college courses through IUPUI for dual credit.


Internship Programs
  • Internships can be unpaid or paid with an hourly wage or a semester stipend.
  • A minimum average of 15 hours of work per week is needed.
  • Mooresville High School has some of the greatest young minds around, looking for opportunities in a wide variety of career fields.
  • A workplace mentor can help a student who may be interested in your line of work, furthering  your career field for the future.
  • Students gain quality workplace experience while employers gain a helpful hand in important daily business operations.
  • In addition to possible compensation, students  receive classroom credit toward graduation.
  • Students are available to work during normal weekday business hours.
  • Employers have the opportunity to interview and select potential interns.
  • Internships run during a normal school year of  August-May with appropriate school breaks.
  • Employers complete semester evaluations and sign weekly time sheets. 

If you or your business are interested in hosting an intern, please contact Mr. David Blevins to learn more about all this wonderful program has to offer.