Due to smoke in an isolated area of the upstairs of Mooresville High School and the need to air out the hallways, we will need to dismiss MHS and PHMS students early today.

High school students who drive to school or ride to school with another student, are being dismissed as soon as they are able to get car keys or personal items from their classrooms. Students are being allowed to pick up belongings in certain areas or school personnel will deliver needed items (such as car keys) from areas still under investigation.

Middle school students who ride with high school students or are normally picked up by a parent will be allowed to leave at 12:30p.m. from door 11 (the normal exit). We ask that parents who normally pick their children up from school please use the PHMS driveway ONLY due to exiting student traffic.

All bus riders will be dismissed at 12:30p.m.

All students will be under school staff supervision until they are dismissed or picked up.

All elementary school bus routes will run at their normal times today.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this unusual situation.  We will communicate further information as it becomes available.