The administration of Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation is pleased to announce that, due to the recent decision by the Indiana State Legislature to increase funding for full-day kindergarten in the 2012-2013 school year, there will be no tuition charge for full-day kindergarten beginning this fall.

“We are thankful that our state has seen fit to increase the funding for this critically important program,” said Superintendent Brad Lindsay. “Our teachers see every single day how important full-day programming is and we know that it’s the best way to invest into our students a positive foundation for their future education. I am proud of the healthy relationship and creative and exciting learning which takes place in every Mooresville classroom and school, and I truly believe our best is yet to come! ”

Previously, students at Mooresville were able to attend half-day programming free of charge. Full-day programming was available to all students for a fee, based upon a sliding scale for those who qualified for free- or reduced-lunch. Of the Mooresville students currently enrolled in kindergarten, about 250 attend full days and 30 attend half-days.

“It is our desire to serve all of our kindergarten students in the best way we possibly can. This funding is not only a relief for our families, but is beneficial for our staff. Our schools will no longer have to track and bill for full-day kindergarten services and our teachers will not have to create a separate curriculum for those students who are unable to afford full-day programming,” said Lindsay.  “Being able to provide full-day programming tuition free for our families in need also gives their children access to free or reduced-cost meals as well as transportation to and from school every day. We believe we offer the most fun and effective full-day kindergarten program anywhere and we are grateful to be able to offer it tuition free beginning in the 2012-13 academic year.”

Mooresville’s kindergarten program already meets national Common Core standards which will be required in Indiana in 2014. Despite the advanced curriculum, Lindsay adds, “We believe our teachers have designed the most student-friendly, exciting and fun kindergarten program anywhere. We are grateful to offer our innovative program free of tuition charges.”

Families interested in enrolling their children for kindergarten in Mooresville should contact the school their child will attend or fill out an online registration at . Information will be sent to them about participating in a Round Up event at their child’s school.