Application for Enrollment of a Student without Legal Settlement in the School District

  • A separate application is required for each child requesting enrollment.
  • The deadline for all applications is May 27, 2016.
  • Nonresident acceptance is granted for one year only (July 1 to June 30).
  • All applications must be complete with accurate information.
  • Transportation to and from school must be provided by the parent/guardian.
  • All children must be enrolled in their selected school by July 31, 2016. This can be completed at the school once you have been notified of acceptance. If a nonresident child is not enrolled by this date, the application will be voided.
  • Submit all applications to Mrs. Holly Frye, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, MCSC Education Center, 11 W. Carlisle St., Mooresville, IN 46158 or fax to 317-831-9202.

(if school has reached capacity, attendance may not be available and student will be placed in a different school)

In submitting this application, I am indicating that I understand the conditions of possible enrollment of my child as a nonresident student in the Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation. I understand that I am responsible for transportation of my child to and from school.

I understand that final approval of this application is subject to approval by the Superintendent or his designee. Following approval of nonresident status, I understand that continuation of this status for this school year is contingent upon my child remaining in good standing.

Please enter your full name to electronically sign this application.