Immunization Requirements

Vaccination Requirements


Families with students entering grades K, 6, and 12 should pay special attention to boosters needed to begin attending school.  Mooresville's deadline for vaccinations is on September 2, 2020.   Students without proper documentation may be excluded from school after that date. 

Indiana Code states a document of immunizations must be provided to the school upon enrollment which shows the child has received at least the minimum number of doses for his/her age. A child may not be permitted to attend beyond the first day of school if this requirement is not met unless: 

  • the school grants a waiver that may not exceed twenty (20) days; or
  • it has been determined there are extreme circumstances and the parent shall furnish a written statement and a time schedule approved by a physician or the local health department for the completion of the remainder of the immunizations; or
  • a medical or religious exemption is signed and on file with the school and renewed yearly.

Indiana 2019-2020 Requirements

Indiana 2020-2021 Requirements

Please contact your health care provider or the Morgan County Health Department for more information and recommendations regarding these vaccines. If you need additional information about your child's documentation, please contact your child's school office.