Exceptional Learning

At Mooresville, we recognize the need to give every student the best education possible.  Tailoring education to the special needs and circumstances of the student can happen in many ways.


Our classroom teachers are the front line of helping us understand the needs of every student. If you believe your child could benefit from some of these services, please start with a discussion with his/her teacher.


Special Education -  Students whose learning is challenged due to special needs can benefit from a variety of services. Visit our webpage for more detailed information. 


High Ability - The Mooresville Schools program delivers a K-12 continuum of services that identifies and meets the needs of high ability students with a challenging and appropriately paced curriculum in the core subject areas. Visit our High Ability webpage for more information.


English Learners - Students who are learning the English language face a special set of challenges. Testing and assistance are available for students who are non-English speaking. Please contact our English Language Learning Coordinator for additional information. You may also wish to visit the English Learner Resources from the Indiana Department of Education.


Homeless Students - Additional assistance is available for students who are homeless, including those who live doubled up in a residence due to financial hardship. Contact Mooresville Schools McKinney-Vento Liaison to help a child in need of assistance. More information is available on the Indiana Department of Education Website.


Family Services -  Students whose learning is affected by challenging family situations can benefit from a variety of services. Visit our Family Services webpage for more detailed information.


Title 1 Services - Title 1 services to strengthen reading and math fundamentals are available at Neil Armstrong, Newby, North Madison and Northwood Elementary Schools mainly in primary grades. Please discuss with your child's teacher whether these services would benefit your child.

Developmental Preschool - Children ages 3-5 years who have a diagnosed disability or a developmental delay are eligible for our developmental preschool program.