Alumni of the Year and Wall of Success

Mooresville High School is the alma mater of many accomplished alumni. We celebrate their achievements with the MHS Alumnus of the Year award and induction into the Wall of Success. These awards and receipients can be seen in the auditorium lobby of Mooresville High School.  If you would like to Nominate an MHS Alumnus for one of these awards, please complete the nomination form here and send it to the MHS Alumni Association for consideration. Forms received by March 1 of a given year will be considered in that year's selections. Nominations will always be kept for future consideration. 


MHS Alumni of the Year

1966       William G. Bray, ’20                   

1967       Clifford Furnas, ’18                                     

1968       Kenneth E. Comer, ’24                          
1969       Gail A. Mills, ’14                                                 

1970       William M. Carpenter, ’35                        

1971       Henry P. House, ’16                                   

1972       William R. Culmer, ’38                     

1973       Ina Stout Pearson, ’17                    

1974       Charles R. Kellum, ’19              
1975       Charles H. Madge, ’45       
1976       Ann Bray, ’22                              
1977       Raymond Julian, ’20                       
1978       Robert L. Sellars, ’46                         
1979       Rebecca Romine Hardin, ’27       
1980       Elmer Harvey, ’29                                         
1981       Duane Monical, ’42                            
1982       Eugene “Sonny” Perry, ’47                       
1983       Sandy Altman Knapp, ’63        

1984       Myrtle Keller, ’14                                  
1985       Sammy Davis, ’66                               
1986       Wayne Merriman, ’48                        

1987       Rosemary Aldrich Kellum, ’43

1988       James Quillen, ’63

1989       Robert Harvey, ’31

1990       H. Dale Almond, ’53          

1991       Robert Hagee, ’53

1992       Bonita Conduitt Marley, ’23

1993       William E. Roberson, ’64  

1994       Raymond House, ’32

1995       Christine Habig Shelton, ‘71

1996       Sara Jane Evans Hogue, ‘34

1997       Norman Connell, ‘57

1998       John “Jack” McHaffie, ‘57

1999       Earl Magenheimer, ‘52

2000       Keller Kitchen, ‘31

2001       Charles W. Nelson, ‘37

2002       Kenneth Miller, ‘62

2003       Maurice E. Hensley, ‘44

2004       Raymond Twa, ‘54

2005       Shirley Laudig Foutz, ‘52

2006       Stephen Saucerman, ‘66

2007       Jerome W. Mincy, ‘68

2008       Roberta Johnson Mosier, ‘54

2009       Deanna L. Hudson Shaw, ‘74

2010       Philip Truax, ‘50

2011       Joseph VanBokkelen, ‘61

2012       Donald Perry, ‘50

2013       Wayne Vinson, ‘55

2014       Rick VanBokkelen ‘64

2015       Stoy Hedges, ‘77

2016       Tim Franklin, '78

2017       Neil Cox, '67

2018       Carrie (Bantley) Fisher, '80

2019       Charles "Bud" Swisher '59



MHS Wall of Success Biographies


CHARLES “BUD” SWISHER – Inducted 2011

After graduating from Mooresville High School in 1959, Charles “Bud” Swisher became a prestigious business man and leader.  His most notable achievement was becoming CEO of Kendrick Memorial Hospital in 1979.  In addition to his outstanding business career, Bud became involved with other important programs such as the National Football League Players Association. The Hoosier Trails Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and the Greater Martinsville Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, Bud was appointed to the Indiana State Department Task force for Nutrition and Physical Activity and contributed to the Healthier Morgan County Initiative.  For his community involvement and contributions, Bud Swisher was named Mooresvillian of the Year in 1997.  He was also named to the Mooresville Athletic Hall of Fame in 2000 for his outstanding athletic skills in football, basketball, baseball and track.  Charles “Bud” Swisher has shown that perseverance and hard work are vital to achieving success.


ROSE MARY KELLUM – Inducted 2011

Valedictorian of the class of 1943, Rose Mary Kellum is a true philanthropist.  She has influenced generations of children in a positive way through her various community projects.  Rose Mary opened a swim school in her home in Mooresville and spent 25 years as a swim instructor.  She also served as a role model for young girls by being a Girl Scout leader and has volunteered countless hours at Methodist Hospital, the Red Cross and the United Way.  Rose Mary also found the time to organize blood drives and food drives and to deliver Meals on Wheels to those in need.

Her devotion to the town of Mooresville has earned her various awards.  Rose Mary was named Mooresvillian of the Year in 1986.  In 1999, she earned the Mooresville Community Blood Drive trophy.  Rose Mary is a dedicated community leader and positive role model for future students of Mooresville High School.


DONALD PERRY – Inducted 2011

Donald M. Perry, class of 1950, joined the Navy upon his graduation and proudly served his country for two years.  He chose to raise his family in Mooresville; thus, he dedicated much of his time to the community.  Donald was one of the three co-founders of the Mooresville Junior Baseball League and also coached teams for many years.  He was instrumental in the construction of the baseball diamond at the high school.  Donald was also inducted into the Mooresville Athletic Hall of Fame in 2007.

In addition to his devotion to the high school, Donald also has volunteered his time at Mooresville Church of God where he served as Chairman of the Board.  He has delivered meals on Wheels to those in need and was the founding President of the Mooresville Sertoma Club.  Donald spent countless hours volunteering at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indianapolis.  He was selected as one of the top three volunteers for the state of Indiana and his philanthropic work.


SAMMY L. DAVIS – Inducted 2011

Sammy L. Davis graduated from Mooresville High School in 1966 and upon graduation entered the military to serve his country.  Sammy was deployed to Vietnam during the height of the Vietnam War.  On November 18, 1967,  the Viet Cong attacked his position.  Despite his severe injuries, Sammy bravely faced enemy fire twice to rescue his fellow soldiers.  For his gallant courage, Sammy was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  His official medal ceremony was used in the making of the movie Forrest Gump.

When Sammy returned to the United States, he traveled the country speaking at military events, V.F.W. organizations, and conventions.  He also was invited to speak at the Boy Scout Centurion Celebration in 2010.  Sammy was named Mooresville High School Alumnus of the Year in 1985, and the town of Mooresville honored him in 2011 as Mooresvillian of the Year.  Sammy L. Davis demonstrated true honor and integrity both on the battlefield and throughout his life.


DR. WILLIAM ROBERSON – Inducted 2011

A varsity basketball player, natural born leader, and renowned educator, William “Bill” Roberson graduated from Mooresville High School in 1964.  Bill received his Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and his Educational Specialist degree in educational administration.  He went on to get his doctorate degree in education from Indiana University and began his educational career as a sixth grade teacher in Plainfield, Indiana.  After six years, he returned to the Mooresville School system as a principal and from there, he was appointed assistant superintendent and superintendent of the Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation where he spent his next 30 years.

In addition to his devotion to education, Bill was actively involved in his community.  He served on the Board of Directors of Commerce, Friends of the Library, and the Park and Recreation Board.  For his dedication, Bill has been given many awards which include the Mooresville High School Alumnus of the Year Award, Mooresvillian of the Year, District 4 Superintendent of the Year, Governor's Distinguished Hoosier Award, and Indiana's highest award, Sagamore of the Wabash.


ANN BRAY – Inducted 2011

Ann Bray graduated from Mooresville High School in 1922 and entered Indiana University where she earned her Bachelor's degree in 1926.  Ann's teaching career began at Evansville Central High School as an English teacher and newspaper sponsor.  In 1943 Ann enlisted in the Women's Army Corps and was assigned to counterintelligence service.  Ann was the “First Lady of Counterintelligence”.  She saw her devotion to the Corps and the love for her country as indivisible.  Ann served her country throughout WWII and the Korean War.  Ann was an investigative agent and was deeply involved in some of the most complicated cases of the CIC.  She retired from the Corps as a Major in 1963 and wrote a book on counterintelligence.

After her military service, Ann obtained her Master's degree and returned to the teaching profession at Northwest high School and later Mooresville High School.  Ann was a member of the Order of Eastern Star, Kappa Delta, and Theta Sigma Phi.  Ann was honored as Mooresville High School Alumnus of the Year in 1976.


WILLIAM T.  LAWRENCE – Inducted 2011

William T. Lawrence graduated from Mooresville High School in 1965.  He attended Louisiana State University from 1965 to 1968 where he studied to become an architect.  He transferred to Indiana University and received his Doctorate degree in law in 1972.  William was elected Judge of Marion County Circuit Court where he served from 1996 to 2002.  He also served part time as a public defender in the Marion County Criminal Court for nine years.  From 2002 to 2008, William served as the U.S. Magistrate Judge, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

William was appointed as the Federal Judge for the United States District Courts of the Southern District of Indiana by President George W. Bush in 2008,  William has served on the Board of Directors of the Indiana Judicial Conference and has been appointed three times for the position of Chairman of the Indianapolis Bar Association's Continuing Legal Education Commission.


REBECCA HARDIN – Inducted 2011

As a federal employee, published author, and busy mother of two, Rebecca Hardin always found a way to give back to the community.  This graduate of Mooresville High School's class of 1927 contributed countless hours to the community of Mooresville.  She played a major role in the placement of Pioneer Park's swimming pool and the construction of sidewalks around Mooresville High School.  In 1978, Governor Otis Bowen commended Becky for her unselfish devotion to serving the needs of citizens of Indiana.

In addition to her philanthropic work, Becky supported her family through jobs at Allison Division General Motors, Indiana's Board of Health, and as a columnist for the Mooresville Times.  Becky was Distinguished Alumnus of the Year in 1979, and in 1980, the town of Mooresville honored Becky by naming her Mooresvillian of the Year.  Becky Hardin's dedication to her family, career, and community has left an inspirational legacy that will never be forgotten.



Joseph Van Bokkelen graduated from Mooresville High School in 1961 and attended Wabash College and Indiana University where he earned his degree in law.  From 1969 to 1972, Joseph was a deputy and Assistant Attorney General and then became an Assistant United States Attorney from 1972 to 1975.  Joseph then went into private practice until 2001.  From 2001 to 2007, he served as United States Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana.

In 2007 President George W. Bush recommended Joseph as a United States Federal District Judge for Northern Indiana and he was commissioned by Congress that same year.  Joseph has earned recognition throughout his career including being named Outstanding Assistant United States Attorney and the American Bar Association's highest rating as a judicial nominee.  Joseph also has been a volunteer for the Northwest Habitat for Humanity and the Westminster Presbyterian Church.


WILLIAM BRAY – Inducted 2011

William “Bill” Bray graduated from Mooresville High School in 1920 and went on to major in history at Indiana University.  From 1926 to 1930, he served as a prosecuting attorney of the 15th judicial district of Martinsville, Indiana.  In 1930 he began a private practice, and when World War II broke out, he bravely served his country from 1941 to 1946.  In the military, Bill earned the rank of captain and was assigned to a tank company throughout the Pacific Campaign.  For his bravery, Bill was awarded the Silver Star.

After the war, Bill was elected as a Republican to the 82nd Congress in 1951.  He continued to serve in Congress until 1975.  President Gerald Ford appointed Bill as commissioner to the American Battle Monuments from 1975 to 1978.  Bill Bray was an outstanding citizen and served as an excellent role model for all students of Mooresville High School.


KEN GIFFIN – Inducted 2011

Ken Giffin graduated from Mooresville High School in 1962. Playing many sports and eventually having the highest male GPA of his class, Ken continued to be successful throughout his life.

He attended Indiana University and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business in 1966.  His interest in politics led him to many achievements, one of which includes being named Sagamore of the Wabash by three Indiana governors.  Ken was appointed a member of the Advisory board to the U.S. Secretary of Labor by President George Bush.  He was also named senior vice president and later president of Waterway Holding.  His academic and political achievements can encourage future Mooresville High School graduates to “study hard but have fun!” - Ken Giffin


TIM FRANKLIN – Inducted 2011

Tim Franklin, a 1978 Mooresville High School graduate, always had an interest in sports journalism.  After graduation from high school, he entered Indiana University where he studied journalism, and in 1981, his exemplary journalistic writing earned him the Society of Professional Journalists' Barney Kilgore Award as the top college journalism student in the nation.  Upon receiving his degree in 1983, Tim began his career as a journalist with the Chicago Tribune.

Tim was also named editor for three metropolitan papers:  The Indianapolis Star, Orlando Sentinel, and The Baltimore Sun.  During his tenure at The Sun, the paper won numerous national journalism awards and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in local reporting in 2007.  The Sun's national awards under his leadership included the Polk Award and two national Society of Professional Journalists Awards.  The Sun was named the “Newspaper of the Year” three straight years by the Maryland/Delaware/D.C. Press Association.  In 2008, Tim was named one of Maryland's most influential leaders.


KENNETH COMER – Inducted 2012

After graduating from Mooresville High School a year early, Ken Comer attended the University of Louisville, Butler University, and Indiana University Medical School to become a doctor.  He began his career as a general practitioner, and with his father and brother, he opened Comer Sanitarium, which later became Kendrick Memorial Hospital in Mooresville, Indiana.  In 1941, Ken voluntarily served his country during WWII as a flight surgeon for the 44th Bomber Group of the 66th Bomber Squadron.  While stationed in England, he invented the sigmoid scope, which is a key medical device used for internal medicine.

Ken was an esteemed member of the community and taught Sunday school at the Methodist Church.  He also was a philanthropist by sharing his wealth with students who needed assistance with their education.  Ken Comer was honored as the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year in 1968 and as Mooresvillian of the Year in 1970.


BONITA MARLEY– Inducted 2012

Even before graduating from Mooresville High School in 1923, Bonita Marley had lived an amazing life.  Since her father did not drive, she began driving the family car at age 11.  When Bonita was 16, her parents both passed away after developing tuberculosis.  She married in 1922, but she returned to MHS to earn her diploma.

The door to Bonita's true passion opened in 1912 when she got her first library card.  Her love of the library grew, and after raising two children, she became assistant director of the Mooresville Public Library in 1957.  She was named director in 1962 and ran the library until retiring in 1984.  Bonita also served on the school board and the town council.  Bonita was named Mooresvillian of the Year in 1968.  She designed the town emblem and banner to commemorate the town's 150th anniversary in 1974.  Bonita was a caring, giving soul.   If a child needed shoes or clothes for school, those would anonymously appear when needed.  Public service was more than a motto for Bonita; it was her life's mission.


NORMAN CONNELL– Inducted 2012

A leader by example, Norman Connell has been a vital member of the community since his graduation in 1957.  He attended college at Indiana University, Indiana Central University, and the Wisconsin School of Banking.  Norman took great pride in his work, and he worked his way up from a line teller at Citizen's Bank to becoming its president in 1975, where he remained for the next 20 years.  A great community advocate, Norman volunteered for many philanthropic groups.  He served as treasurer for the Morgan County Fair, the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce, Mooresville Lions Club, and the Mooresville Baseball League.  In addition, he served as treasurer for the Mooresville Public Library Board for 13 years and as its president from 1989-1990.  He also served as president of the Kendrick Foundation.

For his dedication to the community, Norman was named Mooresvillian of the Year in 1992.  He was honored as Sagamore of the Wabash in 1987 and 2001 by Governor Robert Orr, and he was named the Distinguished Alumnus in 1997 by the Mooresville High School Alumni Association.


CHARLES MADGE– Inducted 2012

Charles Madge, MHS 1945 valedictorian, participated in basketball, baseball, and track.  Charles led his team to numerous victories and broke many records.  He went on to further his education at Purdue University, where he decided to become a chemical engineer.  After graduation, he chose to work for Union Carbide Corporation as a chemical engineer, inventor, and manager, and he co-invented two advanced chemical processes.  He was offered regular promotions, and when Charles retired, he was Director of International Operations of the 22 plants worldwide which produced 256 different products.

In addition to pursuing his career as chemical engineer, Charles served his country in the U.S. Army in Korea as a combat engineer.  He received many awards including the Army Commendation Award; Certificate of Appreciation from the State of Indiana; and the Union Carbide Corporation Award.  Charles was honored with the Mooresville High School Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1975.


EUGENE “SONNY” PERRY– Inducted 2012

Eugene “Sonny” Perry, who graduated with the class of 1947, was a runner on the track team and played baseball all four years of his high school career.  He was inducted into the Mooresville Athletic Hall of Fame in 2004.  Upon graduation from Mooresville, Sonny entered the workforce where he worked various jobs.  He owns Perry Acoustics, an acoustic ceiling company, and has patents for inventing three tools used in his line of work.

Sonny's quiet, easy-going manner and philanthropy are known throughout the community.  He helped refurbish the gymnasium on the Newby campus and feels that “if you tell somebody you are going to do something, do it your level best.”  In 1999, Sonny was named Mooresvillian of the Year for his decades of service to the community.  The Masonic Lodge also recognized Sonny with the Stern Wakeman Award, and for his “true Pioneer spirit”, he was named Distinguished Alumnus of the Year in 1982.


ALICE CORDES– Inducted 2012

Alice Cordes, a 1967 Mooresville High School graduate, discovered that her two main passions in life were music and serving others. In high school she participated in Madrigals and marching band, and she went on to Butler University, where she studied music for two years.  After Alice married and had two children, she came to the realization that God was calling her to a ministry of service; thus, she began her passion for helping others.

Alice has been a member for 45 years of the Delta Theta Tau Sorority, a philanthropic organization.  In addition, she has served on the St. Tomas More Free Clinic Board since it opened, the Healthier Morgan County Board, and the FEMA Board of Morgan County.  She has also served as a Salvation Army representative for 10 years.  For the past 15 years, Alice has served as the executive director of Churches in Mission, a food and clothing pantry in Mooresville.  In 2003 the Community Foundation of Morgan County honored Alice with the “Making a Difference” award, and in 2004, she was honored as Mooresvillian of the year.


SARA JAYNE HOGUE – Inducted 2012

“You'll always be happy as long as you're doing something for someone else”.  For Sara Jayne Hogue, these words symbolized her life.  After graduating in 1934, Sara dedicated her life to giving back to her community.  As an artist, she founded the White Lick Art League, and many of her paintings are displayed throughout the community,  One of the most treasured traditions of Mooresville is the Old Settlers Fair, and Sara's greatest legacy is founding the Old Settlers Queen Contest, which began in 1964  This contest raises thousands of dollars each year for the community.

Sara was the first recipient of the Pioneer Spirit Award for her dedicated service to the community.  She was also named Mooresvillian of the Year in 1963 and was honored as Distinguished Alumnus of the Year  in 1996.  Sara devoted her life to serving others, and her altruism continues to inspire others today.


WANDA POTTS – Inducted 2012

Wanda Potts graduated from Mooresville High School in 1939.  Wanda said that her high school years were very different from high school today, but she said that they were some of the most important years of her life.  Growing up during the Great Depression, Wanda had no hope of going to college, so she entered the workforce immediately.  After trying various occupations, she discovered her true passion as a librarian.  Wanda worked for the Mooresville Public Library for 37 years.  During that time, she created the Indiana Room, which is the largest collection of local history and memorabilia.  In 1992, the Mooresville Public Library Board honored Wanda for 35 years of dedication.

In addition to her career at the library, Wanda also wrote a column for the local paper.  In 1998, Wanda was honored as Mooresvillian of the Year.  Wanda truly believed in hard work and learning every day.  She said, “Education is there; you just have to absorb as much as you possibly can.”


VALERIE M. GRUBB – Inducted 2013

Valerie M. Grubb graduated fourth in her class in 1985.  While in high school, Valerie held leadership positions in the band, German Club, Mat Maids, and the yearbook.  She was elected to the National Honor Society and selected to go to Hoosier Girls State.  Her activities earned her the nickname “Volunteer Val”.  Upon graduation she attended Kettering University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and later acquired her MBA from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

She founded Val Grubb & Associates, Ltd., in 2008 after holding a succession of leadership roles within major corporations.  Prior to founding her own consulting and training company, Valerie served as the VP of strategic operations at NBC Universal where she helped spearhead the purchase of the Weather Channel, sell several NBCU assets and lead quality initiatives for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.  She also played a leading role in the 1999 formation of the Oxygen Channel.  Valerie began her career as an engineer with Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis.  Valerie's continued success is an inspiration for all MHS students.



“You have to earn everything you get.  There is no entitlement.  I think a lot of people come out of college thinking they deserve things.  They have to earn them,” said 1963 graduate Sandra Altman Knapp.  Sandy was a high school cheerleader but didn't make the squad her senior year.  That event gave her the drive to succeed.  She was determined to work harder to achieve her goals.

Sandy earned her Bachelor's degree from Indiana University and was later hired by the Indiana Pacers.  She worked her way to become Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations.  She then

became the first Executive Director of the Indiana Sports Corporation, the first organization of its kind, and she was named Outstanding Young Woman of America in 1981.  From 1992-2000 Sandy was the first woman to act as Chairman of the Board of U.S. Gymnastics.  She also served on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Olympic Committee and of the Atlantic Committee for the Olympic Games .  She served as Assistant Chef de Mission for the 1999 Pan American and received the Indiana University Distinguished Alumni Service Award in 2001.


DAVID WHITE – Inducted 2013

Extremely active in our community, Dave White has been an inspiration to the youth of Mooresville.  While he was in school, Dave spent most of his time playing basketball, football, and running track.  During his junior year, Dave was named Most Valuable Player in track, and as a senior, he was Co-MVP in football and MVP in track.  He was also named to the Mid-State All-Conference First Team in track and football in both junior and senior years.

After graduating, he enlisted in the Air Force and served our country in Vietnam in the 804th supply unit for 8 years.  Upon his return, he joined the Indiana National Guard and served for 29 years as a federal technician.  Dave retired from the military as a Sergeant Major, the highest enlisted rank.  Dave has also dedicated his time to the community of Mooresville. He enjoys volunteering at school athletic events.  In addition, Dave also spearheaded the renovation and upgrades to the Mooresville Veterans Memorial, which serves as a tribute to area veterans as well as those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  Dave White demonstrates the qualities of honor, service, and allegiance, and his integrity serves as a motivation to all.


STOY HEDGES– Inducted 2013

Stoy Hedges graduated from Mooresville High School in 1977.  Throughout Stoy's life, he has been fascinated by small animals and bugs, so summers while attending Purdue, Stoy worked at Mooresville Pest Control.  He decided to devote his life to his passion and attended Purdue University to study entomology.  While in college, Stoy was diagnosed with cancer, but despite this setback, Stoy proceeded to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in Urban and Industrial Entomology in 1981.

Stoy worked hard to become a leader in the field of entomology.  Stoy is currently the Senior Technical Professional at Terminix International.  In addition, Stoy creates training classes and travels the country teaching pest control courses.  He has also authored more than 150 articles and six books on entomology.  His pioneering efforts have earned Stoy many awards, including Pest Control Technology Professional of the Year in 1997 and Pest Control Technology's Leadership Award in 2000.  Also in 2000, he was selected as one of the 25 most influential persons in the pest control industry.  Stoy followed his passion and encourages students to “learn how to communicate.  This skill really put me ahead in life.”


WAYNE VINSON-Inducted 2014

Wayne Vinson, 2013 Distinguished Alumnus of Mooresville High School, is a 1955 MHS alumnus and a graduate of Indiana University who worked for the IRS for 25 years.  He was the youngest field supervisor for northern Ohio, where he supervised field collection agents who handled tax cases involving millions of dollars.  He was promoted to higher levels of supervision but it was known that he declined many offers of higher managerial jobs because they would have required him to relocate.  He chose to stay and raise his five children on his Ohio farm.  He taught periodically at the regional training center leading classes in collection procedures to new agents and basic management to new managers.

After retirement he worked with mentally and physically challenged individuals.  For four years he met the needs of men whose handicaps varied from minor to total.  He authored two books, one a nonfiction account of the workings of the IRS, the other an action novel titled Tax Collectors and Other Sinners.


MYRTLE L. KELLER – Inducted 2014

A graduate of Mooresville High School in 1914, Ms. Keller had a business and professional career that covered parts or all of eight decades and her life touched and influenced the lives of many people.

She worked at a few local businesses before taking a position at Merchant's National Bank in Indianapolis where she was head of the travel department, planning tours for the bank's customers who traveled in the U.S. and abroad.  She also served as tour guide on many trips when she was also a tourist.  For most of her adult life Ms. Keller shared her home with her mother and her brother who was blind and deaf.  She cared for them until their passing.

Upon retirement from Merchants Bank, Ms. Keller became an assistant to librarian Bonita Marley at the Mooresville Public Library.  For sixteen years she shared her knowledge about the people, history and the town of Mooresville to library patrons and others seeking information about relatives and the early settlers of Mooresville.  She also wrote the 50-year history of the Mooresville Nature Club.  Myrtle Keller was selected as the Mooresville High School Distinguished Alumnus for the year 1984.



A 1978 MHS graduate, Kathleen “Kitti” Swinney Pennell also graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Recreation and Aviation Management.  She had her own business of medical billing and was employed as a billing agent, recruiter and travel agent with various other companies.  She and her mother had a business of hand-painted jewelry and home accessories.

For five years, Kitti was employed with Federal Express where she was in flight operations that included coordinating cargo flight management procedures for supply chain shipping.  In 2009 she was hired as a Flight Operations Controller with AAR Airlift Group, Inc. and was eventually deployed to Afghanistan on rotation.

Kitti was part of a volunteer group called the Quilter's Guild that made hand-crafted quilts for wounded soldiers called Valor Quilts.  When they put the soldiers on the aircraft to fly out of Afghanistan, strapped in their seat, the last thing they do is wrap their Valor Quilt around them.

On November 29, 2013, while asleep in her room in Afghanistan, Kitti was killed by a lone rocket.  She was the first AAR Airlift Group employee to be killed and was given full military honors even though she was a civilian employee.  As a civilian, she gave our soldiers her love and time so their lives would be a little easier.


TERRY CURRY – Inducted 2015

Terry Curry, Class of 1967, is the widely respected Marion County Prosecutor first elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2014 with over 60% of the vote.  Curry practiced as a trial lawyer for 30 years in Indiana and Federal courts serving as a Deputy Prosecutor, as a law firm partner, and as a solo practitioner and was lead counsel in over 125 court and jury trials, arbitration, and injunction hearings.

While a Deputy Prosecutor, Terry was primarily responsible for prosecution of white collar crime and political corruption matters and he also volunteered on cases outside of his area of primary responsibility, serving at times as a supervisor in Criminal court and the grand jury coordinating the full-time investigators.  In six years Terry prosecuted hundreds of cases, including murder, robbery, burglary, forgery, theft, and drug offenses.  A national attorney service, based upon survey of an attorney's peers, awarded Terry an “AV Preeminent 5.0 out of 5.0”, the highest possible rating for ability and ethical standards.

Terry was the first all-around athlete at Mooresville High School playing golf, basketball and baseball.  He enrolled at Butler University in 1967 with academic and athletic scholarships.  He pursued a pre-law curriculum obtaining a B.A. Degree in political science and history.  During the tumultuous presidential campaign of 1968, terry also acquired what would become a lifelong interest in politics and Democratic Party.

Terry enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1971 and following that was a reporter for The Indianapolis News where he was awarded the prestigious Casper Award for his work.  After leaving the paper he used the G.I. Bill to earn a Law Degree from Indiana University with highest honors.


H. DALE ALMOND – Inducted 2015

Following graduation from MHS, Dale earned a BA at Lynchburg College in Virginia, and an MS with additional graduate study at the University of Tennessee.

He retired as Vice President for Institutional Advancement of Barton College (formerly known as Atlantic Christian College) in Wilson, NC.  Previously he served in various positions at the University of Alabama, the University of Tennessee, C'ulver-Stockton College, Canton, MO and Lynchburg College.  His civic and volunteer involvement in Wilson, NC included United Way, American Red Cross, Chamber of Commerce, YMCA and Senior Citizens Affairs.  He also served as lay person on the NC State Bar Disciplinary Commission, appointed by the Governor.

As a member of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) he has served as an elder, member of the Pastoral Relations Committee, chair of a search committee for an associate minister and numerous other positions. 

His honors and recognitions include: Lynchburg Athletic Hall of Fame, Rotarian of the Year, MHS Distinguished Alumnus of the Year, and the T. Gibson Hobbs Award, Lynchburg College (Alumnus of the Year).  Dale is married with three children and six grandchildren.


RICK VAN BOKKELEN– Inducted 2015

Following graduation from Mooresville High School in 1964, Rick Van Bokkelen received his BA Degree from DePauw University and his MBA at Northwestern.  He attended law school at John Marshall in Chicago.

Rick received a commission in the U. S. Naval Reserves and served two tours in Vietnam.  He retired as Commander, USNR in 1988. 

Rick administered hospitals and health systems in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois and in 1983, moved to St. Louis to administer two hospitals. 

Married in San Diego, California in 1972, Rick has two daughters and two grandchildren.  He is now retired and enjoying golf, reading, bicycling and his family.


JOHN ALTMAN – Inducted 2016

John Altman graduated with the class of 1961 and while in high school lettered in four varsity sports.  He attended Indiana University majoring in Marketing and finance.  He also attended the College of Southern Idaho majoring in Art, Photography and Design.  He redirected his focus toward his primary business, real estate.  He taught a state approved real estate class for Boise State and Idaho State Universities, College of southern Idaho, as well as the Idaho Vo-Tech College in Idaho Falls.  John has been a Real Estate Broker since 1976 in Twin Falls, Idaho and San Diego, California.  He has been a license real estate professional for 40 years following 10 years in property management and development.  He has been since 2004 the President/CEO of the RE Coaching Company in San Diego and also since 2006 the Broker/Owner of JT Altman & Associates (a residential real estate company).

John was in the U.S. Navy from 1964 to 1968, serving on the Admiral's Staff and as Captain's Yeoman in California.  He is a current member of the Zoological Society of San Diego, a former Fund Drive Chairman for the Children's Hospital, past Chairperson of the Cancer Society, former District Boy Scouts Leader, League Sponsor of Girls Little League Baseball and a 4-Star Life Level Member, San Diego Blood Bank (over 10 gallon blood donor).

John Altman has a desire to give back to those that either have less or have developed less.  To take the 'talents' that God has provided and increase them by giving.


CHARLES RUTLEDGE – Inducted 2016

Charles Rutledge, a graduate of Mooresville high School in 1954, lettered in four sports; football, basketball, baseball and track.  He as MVP in football 1953-54, received the sportsmanship award 1953-54, and made All Conference in football in 1953-54.  He also won first place in the pole vault and held the record for several years and also qualified for the Regionals.

After graduation, Charles joined the Apprenticeship Trade School for four years to get his degree in iron work.  He did iron work on all the sky scraper buildings in Indianapolis.  He was the foreman when the siding was put on the Neil Armstrong School and helped put all the scaffolding on the bridges around Mooresville.

Charles coached Little League and was president of Boys Little League Basketball.  He and his committee were responsible for going to the School Board to get permission for the Little League teams to practice in the school's gyms.  For several years he coached baseball, basketball and football Little League.  The siding for the concession stand for Little League at North Madison school was donated and installed by Charles.  He has been an inspiration for many young men in the community.


MAURICE HENSLEY – Inducted 2016

Maurice Hensley, retired Mooresville Postmaster, and 1944 graduate of Mooresville High School, was drafted into the U.S. Army shortly after his graduation.  After serving in Japan during his tenure in the army, he returned to Mooresville and became an employee of the United States Postal Service.  He had earlier worked for the Railway Mail Service, prior to being drafted, sorting mail and traveling between various locations in the Midwest.  This led to an invitation to an event for the former Railway Mail Service clerks that was hosted by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum a few years ago in Washington, D.C.  Maurice was one of the youngest former clerks they could locate.  Maurice, in addition to working for the Post Office, also had a successful coal and oil business with several employees.

Following his retirement, he began volunteering for the Whitewater Valley Railroad Association, eventually becoming president.  Maurice also became a certified railroad engineer, serving in that capacity for several years.  In 1995, he was the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce Mooresvillian of the Year for his community service to Mooresville and for his volunteerism.  He has served as a member of the Mooresville Town Board of Trustees also. 

Maurice, as a member of the First Christian Church, (Disciples of Christ), has been Chairman of the Board, Treasurer, Deacon and Trustee as well as Chairman of the church's Sesquicentennial Celebration.  Maurice was also named the 2003 Mooresville High School Distinguished Alumnus of the Year.


Clifford Cook Furnas – Inducted 2017

Clifford Cook Furnas (1900-1969), Class of 1918, was an internationally-recognized scientist, educator, engineer and author. He received the Distinguished Alumnus award in 1967. With $135 saved from farming, he worked his way through Purdue University earning a Chemical Engineering degree in 1922 and receiving the Big Ten Medal for combined scholarship and athletic prowess. Furnas represented Purdue in track and field at the 1920 Olympics. Furnas taught in Michigan and worked as a chemist in the Gary steel mills becoming interested in the economic and social problems of laborers. He earned a PhD from the University of Michigan. In 1931, he joined the Yale faculty. His books, America’s Tomorrow and The Next Hundred Years, were Book-of-the-Month selections and translated into five languages. In 1941 he led the National Defense Research Committee and directed the Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical lab at the University of Buffalo serving as President and developing endowment procedures that are still in print, built 32 buildings and integrated veterans. President Eisenhower named him Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Development. As President Emeritus he led the Western New York Nuclear Research Center. A birthright Quaker, he sought to broaden the benefits of science into health and energy. Furnas died in Amsterdam, Netherlands, while on a trade mission.


Tim Franklin – Inducted 2017

 Tim Franklin, Class of 1978, is a nationally recognized leader in journalism. Tim grew up on Carter Street as the youngest son of Warren and Betty Franklin. Tim followed his brother, Steve, now retired from the auto sales industry, and his late brother, Victor, at Mooresville High School. Tim then went on to Indiana University where he was editor of The Daily Student, and then was a Pulliam Fellow at The Indianapolis News working with Editor Wendell Trogdon. He won the Barney Kilgore award for the top college journalism student in the nation. He was named as a Distinguished Alumnus by the Indiana University School of Journalism. He has been both nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and then later served as jurist for the award. He has been honored by the First Amendment Foundation for open government and won The Chicago Tribune’s award for launching a business news website. His career milestones include serving as an Associate Managing Editor of The Chicago Tribune from 1982-99, as Editor and Vice President of The Indianapolis Star in 2000 (prior to its sale to Gannett), Editor and Vice President of The Orlando Sentinel, and Editor and Senior Vice President of The Baltimore Sun (heading their national government and coverage). From 2009-2011 Tim was Director of the National Sports Journalism Center at Indiana University headed the nation’s first Master’s Degree in Sports.


John Russell Lambert - Inducted 2017

John Russell Lambert graduated from Mooresville High School in 1935. After high school, he served our country in the U.S. Navy during WWII. When he returned to Mooresville, he helped start the Madison Township Volunteer Fire Department in 1957 when he and a small group of citizens banded together to purchase a used fire truck.  Lambert spent many hours helping create and maintain the department as well as helping rescue property and lives during his service with the department.

Russell also served as treasurer on the building committee for the “new” Mooresville High School in 1958-1959, representing Madison Township as the newly consolidated school district was formed. Lambert is the father of four and stepfather of three.

Neill Cox – Inducted 2018

Neil Cox, Class of 1967 helped develop cellular phone technology and services throughout the world and served on the commission to develop a nationwide communication system for emergency services. After graduating from Purdue he worked with Bell Laboratories and Ameritech in forming standards necessary to transmit data over voice network that made the internet possible. He was named head of Ameritech’s International Operations building and acquiring companies worldwide including systems in Poland Norway and Hungary and also brokered an oil deal between Hungary and Russia.

In 1995, he became President of Ameritech’s Information Industry Services, developing the message receipt “You’ve Got Mail.” They helped develop number portability so when customers change carriers they can take their number with them.

Cox received the Mickey Leland Award from Congress for diversity for building a multiracial staff and then became President of Securitylink, the largest security monitoring company in North America, now part of ADT and then Executive Vice President for SAIC, a provider of technology systems for the U.S. Department of Defense. He led Qwest and helped develop fast internet service. In 2015, he was asked to serve as director for Firstnet, a wireless network built for police, fire and first responders using cellular standards. It could be the largest project since the interstate highway system.


Marilyn Hensley Miller – Inducted 2018

Marilyn Hensley Miller, Class of 1953, served her community and in statewide organizations.  She was Clerk-Treasurer of the Town of Mooresville from 1964-80 during a time of growth of change updating record keeping and management of the town’s finances. She also was President of the Indiana League of Clerk-Treasurers and served on the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns Board.  She was President of the Mooresville High School Alumni Association in 197? and then was secretary of the association for over two decades.  A member of Kappa Kappa Sigma Sorority for over 65 years, she was instrumental in raising money for the Mooresville Park swimming pool and State President of Kappa Kappa Sigma as well. Marilyn was organist at the Frist Christian Church for over 60 years.  After retirement from IUPUI, she was the Indianapolis Area Chairman of the Indiana Hospital Auxiliary Association providing value through volunteerism.


Ken Miller – Inducted 2018

Ken Miller graduated from Mooresville High School in 1962 where he was active in wrestling, FFA, and Boys Scouts. He served as a Peace Corp volunteer, working in India 1965-1967. Ken Miller was a servant at heart, spending 30 plus years serving Indiana. He culminated his career, as head of the Indiana Department of Revenue from 1992-2004. In his local community, he was a member of First United Methodist Church, Morgan County Beef Association, and Nature Club. He was awarded Alumnus of the Year in 2002 And Mooresvillian of the Year in 2007.  He was a Sagamore of the Wabash, Kentucky Colonel, and Nebraska Admiral. Ken was a member of the IRS Advisory Group, President of Midwestern States Association of Tax Administrators, member of Indiana's Economic Development for a Growing Economy Board, Gambling Impact Study Commission and Public Accountant's Society, and was past President of the Federation of Tax Administrators.  He unexpectedly passed away in 2007. A role model for all, he lived Albert Schweitzer’s words, “the purpose of human life is to serve, show compassion, and the will to help others.” Ken’s life of service was a testament to those words.


Robert Parker – Inducted 2018

Dr. Robert Parker, Class of 2000, served as Director of clinical Research and Faculty member at the Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya, providing vital medical services and medical training in Africa. After graduating from Mooresville High School he received a Chemical Engineering degree from Purdue University and then a Medical degree from Indiana University. He studied Epidemiology at Harvard and was Chief Resident in Surgery at Brown University in Rhode Island before moving to Africa. At Tenewek Hospital he conducted research projects focusing on surgical outcomes and esophageal cancer screening while initiating community awareness and health education in establishing a cancer screening program. He also oversaw the internship training of medical officer and clinical interns.


Carrie (Bantley) Fisher, '80 - Inducted 2019

After high school, Carrie graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in Business Administration. She began her career at Eli Lilly and Company where she has served in many business and marketing capacities as well as in service to others. She has served on the Lilly Relay for Life Team, a group leader for the Lilly Day of Service, and with the company’s Hands and Hearts at Home program.

Carrie’s ties to Relay for Life were an opportunity for service with a very personal connection. She cared for her father and her son during both of their bouts with cancer and, in 2008, faced her own diagnosis. After battling breast cancer twice, Carrie turned her experience into service by participating in a program through A Fresh Chapter where she spent two weeks in India helping cancer patients and survivors. She was also selected as a Susan G. Komen Ambassador and a participant in the Stars of Pink fashion show.

Carrie’s faith and her servant’s heart have led her to help others through many programs at The Church at Mt. Gilead. She has led the community meals program, Vacation Bible School, Community Impact Day, and the Bundle Up Mooresville program. Carrie also has led the Northern Morgan County Christmas Assistance Program, providing Christmas gifts and meals to dozens of families each year and earning tens of thousands in Salvation Army bellringing funds to help families in need through Churches in Mission. 


Henry House, '16  - Inducted 2019

Henry House was the first of two brothers to receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1971.  The House family, one of Mooresville’s first families, was given land in town by founder Samuel Moore because he liked their industrious way of life.

Henry was a nationally known chemist who first attended the Terre Haute Teachers College (now known as Indiana State University) and then graduated from Indiana University in 1922 with a Phi Beta Kappa degree. He taught chemistry at Cornell and the College of Idaho before becoming part of the staff at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a Tennessee nuclear laboratory created during WWII.


Raymond House, '32 - Inducted 2019

Raymond House was one of the builders of post-World War II Mooresville.

With other young entrepreneurs, he started the Mooresville Development Corporation to add housing and bring business to town.  They developed housing west of Monroe Street and later helped to attract General Shale Corporation, Nice-Pak Products, Theising Veneer and other companies to Mooresville, adding tax base and jobs.

House owned and operated Mooresville Welding Company for 35 years, making the builder of agriculture and utility truck bodies known throughout the United States. He was President of the Board at Citizens Bank during its greatest expansion and productivity period.

He also found time to be Chief Timer of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and was named Mooresvillian of the Year in 1957. He started the Old Settlers Parade in observance of the Indiana Sesquicentennial in 1966. Ray’s last community effort was helping to found the Mooresville Redevelopment Group that started the rebuilding of downtown and the Victorian Christmas celebration.


William (Bill) Swinney, '58 - Inducted 2019

William (Bill) Swinney was a successful student, teacher and developer. He was a leader in academics and student government while in high school. After winning 13 letters playing football, baseball, track and basketball at Mooresville High School, he played baseball and football at Earlham College and then transferred to Indiana University where he was graduated. He also attended General Motors Institute (GMI).

Bill taught math at Decatur Central High School and then became a manager at RCA where he helped build a plant in the jungles of Argentina. He returned to Mooresville where he became successful real estate broker, builder and developer in the construction of Collett Meadows, Collett Acres and North Madison Crossing, building or remodeling more than 150 homes in Mooresville.

Bill was active in local youth sports, Boy Scouts, Kiwanis, and the Lake Edgewood board of directors. He retired to Florida where he and his wife, Jan, were volunteers for the Coast Guard Auxiliary.