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The responsibility of keeping our students and staff members safe and healthy is not undertaken lightly at MCSC. The information in the webpages listed is designed to give families information about school policies and procedures designed to keep our students safe and to show resources available to schools and families.

Our safe environment programs are constantly being updated. The school corporation regularly seeks Safe Haven grants to assist with safety programs and equipment purchases.  Each Continuous School Improvement Plan also includes a safety component. Questions regarding any of this information should be referred to your school principal or, as appropriate, school's student health services representative. For additional information on any of the school system's safety plans, policies, or procedures, contact any of the following:

Name, Title

Building, Telephone Number

Rex Cook, Director of Safety

Jim Patrick, Maintenance/Facilities Director

Susan Haynes, Community Relations

MCSC Education Center

Larry Goldsberry, Interim Transportation Director

MCSC Service Center

Penny Nemeth, RN, CPNP
Coordinator Student Health Services

North Madison Elementary





It is the policy of the Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation to make every effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for all employees, students and visitors. No phase of our operations or administration is or shall be considered more important than health and safety. The prevention of illnesses, injuries and property damage is our primary concern. This can be accomplished if administration, staff, our community, students, and parents are committed to this purpose. Our administration and staff will plan for and make student safety its highest priority. The safety of our visitors will also be a high priority. Every effort will be made by our administration to provide our employees with the training and knowledge necessary to recognize the hazards associated with their work, as well as the means and knowledge to protect themselves. Employees in turn must practice safe work procedures and understand that working safely is a condition of employment. 

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